Eight Important Home Buyer Tips

  1. Picky vs. Reality. There is no such thing as a perfect house. Chances are you will have to compromise on some of your wish list items. Prioritize now so that you will be prepared when reality hits.
  2. Do Your Homework. Prioritize the features you want and give those to me. I will use them to determine which homes you should look at first. We don’t want one to “slip away” while we waste time looking at a house that won’t meet your needs.
  3. Be Prepared Financially. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than finding a great home and then learning you don’t qualify for it financially. Know up front what you can spend and how much cash you will need, if any, to close the deal.
  4. Too Many Opinions. Trust me, it will drive you crazy. It’s nice to have a couple of people you can trust to give you a good opinion, but too many will leave you indecisive. Being indecisive will frustrate you and prevent you from moving forward with your dream.
  5. Making the Move. When does your lease expire? Have you already sold your home? When do you need to relocate? Answers to these types of questions will let me know how to structure the dates in an offer. Some sellers may need to sell and be out quickly, but others may be able to wait for you knowing they have a deal.
  6. Long-term Goals. Is the house something for the short term or long term? This decision could affect the type of loan you get. Some loans have a prepayment penalty which could force you to stay in a house longer than you want.
  7. Being House Poor. Be careful that you don’t overspend on the purchase of a house. Otherwise, you may be prevented from being able to decorate, maintain the property well, or just “have a life.”
  8. Due Diligence. Insist on having a home inspection, so you will be able to make a more-informed decision. However, in the end, it will be up to you and only you to determine whether a home is a good investment. A home warranty may help if a problem that was not detectable prior to purchase arises in the future.

Help is Here. My duty is to you as your REALTOR will be looking out for your needs. I will give you the utmost respect and guide you through to successful completion of your transaction.

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Updated by Doretta Smith,