Items Your Lender Will Need

Having these items ready in advance can greatly speed your home loan application and approval process.

  1. Your tax returns for the last two or three years
  2. Copies of your W-2 if you haven’t filed your taxes yet for the previous tax year
  3. Copies of your pay stubs from the past two or three payment periods
  4. Copies of your bank statements for any checking or savings accounts you may have
  5. Copies of statements for any other asset accounts such as stocks and bonds or your retirement account
  6. Documentation verifying any additional income such as alimony, child support, retirement, etc.
  7. Account numbers of all your debit accounts such as credit cards, personal loans, etc, together with the current outstanding balance
  8. Addresses of where you have lived the past three to five years together with name and phone number for any landlords if you were renting

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