Buying & Selling Oregon Coast Real Estate

Photo of Doretta Smith, REALTOR® of the Year 2018Things Real Estate Buyers Should Know about Buying

Things Real Estate Sellers Should Know about Selling

Real Estate Market Conditions Continually Change

Historical information is interesting. However, to someone wanting to buy or sell today it doesn’t matter much what something used to be worth or what similar properties are worth somewhere else. Wise decisions must be based on current local conditions and those conditions constantly change.

No one knows current local real estate market conditions like full-time real estate brokers working local areas. They know what is selling locally, what local buyers are generally willing to pay, and why some properties sit for months without offers. Don’t disadvantage yourself by relying on the computer-generated property value estimates offered by popular national websites. Industry professionals know those estimates are often wrong by huge amounts, both high and low.

Whether you want to buy or sell, you need to know what property is actually worth to avoid being taken advantage of. I give the real estate buyers and sellers I represent the benefit of years of full-time experience in this market. If you want to discuss buying or selling on the Oregon Coast give me a call at: 541.961.6688

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