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What Constitutes an Ocean View?

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon
More people move to the Oregon Coast for breathtakingly beautiful ocean vistas than for any other reason. After moving here they learn there are many other good reasons to live here, but the ocean often is the initial attraction. Real estate properties with ocean views therefore have higher values – often much higher values, but what is an ocean view?

Is a peek through tree branches if someone stands in exactly the right spot an ocean view? Some people with property to sell like to think so. If something can be seen, it can be viewed, but a peek through tree branches is not what most people move to the Coast to have. The actual views from properties flagged as having an ocean view vary widely from stunningly beautiful to “where is the ocean?” Give me a call at 541-961-6688 for an unbiased assessment of the actual view from any listed property.

What is the MLS?

Long before the internet, real estate brokers in various localities met periodically and exchanged information about properties they were trying to sell. The idea was help me sell my inventory and I will help you sell yours. Nowadays real estate inventory information is shared between local brokers via an internet Multiple Listing Service. That service is commonly referred to as the MLS.

How can I see the Latest Listing Information?

Most web browsers save copies of viewed webpages so they display more quickly if viewed again. That is great if you want to quickly look at the same information again, but not if you want to see the latest information.

Some discount internet service providers also save webpage copies on their own servers and send those copies instead of fresh pages. That saves them money, but can cause their customers to see pages that are days, weeks or even months old. In most cases, both those types of webpage caching can be circumvented by reloading a displayed webpage using the following keystrokes:

Windows: Ctrl + F5

Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R

Linux: F5

You were previously viewing an old copy if the displayed content changes when you reload a page using one of those methods.

What is a Residential Site-Built Home?

Residential Site Built Home Construction
“Residential Site-Built” is a real estate term used to describe a residential home that was constructed primarily at the site where it is located. Some components of nearly all homes, such as cabinets, doors, door frames, windows, window frames, heating equipment, plumbing equipment, electrical equipment, etc. are prefabricated off-site, but site-built homes are mostly constructed and finished at the site where they are located. They tend to have higher market values than similar off-site-manufactured (also referred to as pre-manufactured or simply as manufactured) homes. They also are generally easier to finance than other types of homes.

What is a Manufactured Home?

HUD Manufactured Home Certification
Manufactured homes are constructed in factories and then are moved either in one piece or in modules to residential lots where they are permanently installed on land that usually is owned by home owners. They must be fabricated in accordance with a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) federal building code to qualify for most types of home financing.

Even with certified compliance it often is more difficult to finance Manufactured Homes than Residential Site Built Homes. Manufactured Homes generally have lower market values than similar Residential Site-Built homes even though some fabrication processes can be performed to consistently higher standards in controlled factory manufacturing environments. The quality of all types of homes, including Manufactured Homes, vary widely, but some better-quality Manufactured Homes provide good value for the money because of their generally lower selling prices.

What does “Manufactured Only” mean?

“Manufactured Only” means a manufactured home is being sold separately from the land where it is located. In most cases that is because a manufactured home is located in a community where residential lots are leased from a land owner. Longview Hills is an example of a 55+ manufactured housing community in Newport that leases residential lots to manufactured home owners.

“Manufactured Only” selling prices are obviously lower, because land is not included and buyers either have to make periodic lease payments to a land owner or move a purchased home to their own land. Moving a manufactured home is rarely a financially-reasonable option, so it is important to fully understand all the provisions of the associated land lease agreement before buying. Even though periodic land lease payments must be paid where a manufactured home is on land a home owner doesn’t own, manufactured housing community leases typically include amenities and community maintenance services that are attractive to seniors. “Manufactured Only” homes can be a good option for buyers who need or want those amenities and community maintenance services or who cannot afford to purchase both a home and land. However, a clear understanding of the provisions of the associated land lease agreement is essential to being able to decide whether “Manufactured Only” home purchase is a good option in individual cases.

Where is Tidewater?

Tidewater is an unincorporated community located approximated eleven river-miles east of the Pacific Ocean on the Alsea River. It is not part of any municipality. It gets its name from the fact that ocean water pushes all the way up to that part of the river at high tide. Even so, the river there is much less salty than seawater, because seawater from incoming tides is diluted by fresh water flowing down the river.

The upper Alsea River is a well known destination for steelhead fishing, salmon fishing is popular in the lower river, sea run cutthroat trout can be found throughout, and fishing is a common interest of many Tidewater community residents. Many homes there have private fishing piers, boat docks, and/or boat ramps on the river. However, fishing is not the only interest. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty with a rich variety of wildlife. The past twenty years Lois Tulleners has operated a rescue facility for Arctic wolves at Tidewater called the White Wolf Sanctuary and Educational Facility.

Tidewater can be reached from the Oregon Coast by driving approximately 10-miles east from Waldport on State Route 34 or from the Willamette Valley by driving 47-miles southwest from Philomath on State Route 34 via the community of Alsea. The entire route from Waldport to Philomath is beautiful going either direction, but is especially so between the Coast and Alsea. There are multiple day-use areas and campgrounds and plenty of things of interest for anyone who enjoys interfacing with nature.

Where is Alsea?

Alsea, Oregon is an unincorporated community on the Alsea River in Benton County. It is not part of any municipality. It is located on Oregon Route 34 that extends from Waldport on the Oregon Coast to the city of Lebanon in the Willamette Valley. The driving time to the Coast is usually about 50 minutes. Philomath is about a 25-minute drive to the northeast. Corvallis is about ten-minutes further and that drive therefore generally takes about 35 minutes.

If you want ‘big-city’ living, Alsea isn’t your place, but if you have had enough of big cities and want to connect with nature you may love Alsea. The total population at the 2010 Census was 164. The primary industry used to be logging, but Alsea River steelhead fishing attracts people from far away and Alsea is often thought of now primarily as a great place to go steelhead fishing.

Even though Alsea is not directly on the Coast, it is closely associated. People on the Coast often go to Alsea to fish for steelhead. People in Alsea come to the Coast to dig clams, catch crab, or fish for salmon, tuna, halibut or other fish at sea.

Where is Logsden?

Logsden is a small unincorporated community in Lincoln County, Oregon. It is approximately 21 road-miles northeast of Newport, 8 miles east of Siletz, and 4 miles southeast of Lincoln County Moonshine Park. The Logsden population was 150 in June of 2014.

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