What does “Manufactured Only” mean?

“Manufactured Only” means a manufactured home is being sold separately from the land where it is located. In most cases that is because a manufactured home is located in a community where residential lots are leased from a land owner. Longview Hills is an example of a 55+ manufactured housing community in Newport that leases residential lots to manufactured home owners.

“Manufactured Only” selling prices are obviously lower, because land is not included and buyers either have to make periodic lease payments to a land owner or move a purchased home to their own land. Moving a manufactured home is rarely a financially-reasonable option, so it is important to fully understand all the provisions of the associated land lease agreement before buying. Even though periodic land lease payments must be paid where a manufactured home is on land a home owner doesn’t own, manufactured housing community leases typically include amenities and community maintenance services that are attractive to seniors. “Manufactured Only” homes can be a good option for buyers who need or want those amenities and community maintenance services or who cannot afford to purchase both a home and land. However, a clear understanding of the provisions of the associated land lease agreement is essential to being able to decide whether “Manufactured Only” home purchase is a good option in individual cases.

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