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If you have ever dreamed of living on the Oregon Coast you have come to the right place to make it happen. If you are already here I would love to help you find a more suitable home or commercial real estate property.

The Oregon Coast is nearly always warmer than inland areas during winter and cooler during summer, making outdoor activities enjoyable more days of the year. The photo at the bottom of this pages shows a Newport Nye Beach sunset in January. It can’t be seen in the photo, but people wearing light coats or jackets were walking along the surf that evening while those in many parts of the country were dealing with freezing temperatures, ice and snow.

A fun aspect of coastal weather is that it often changes quickly. If the weather isn’t the way someone would like it to be, it often will be be a short time later. If walking in the rain, which you will often see locals doing, isn’t your thing, rain can be a good excuse to sit by a fireplace with a good book or in conversation with friends. Furthermore, storms aren’t necessarily considered bad by those of us who love the Coast. Storms coming in across the Pacific Ocean often create rapidly changing breathtaking vistas. Also, after they pass, the weather is often stunningly beautiful.

Winds are predominantly from the southwest in the Northern Hemisphere and bring some of the cleanest air on the planet to Oregon Coast residents. In contrast to eastern coastal areas where predominant winds bring polluted air from inland factories, power plants, and cities to the west, the air coming off the Pacific Ocean into Oregon is exceptionally clean and healthy to breath.

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