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What Constitutes an Ocean View?

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon
More people move to the Oregon Coast for breathtakingly beautiful ocean vistas than for any other reason. After moving here they learn there are many other good reasons to live here, but the ocean often is the initial attraction. Real estate properties with ocean views therefore have higher values – often much higher values, but what is an ocean view?

Is a peek through tree branches if someone stands in exactly the right spot an ocean view? Some people with property to sell like to think so. If something can be seen, it can be viewed, but a peek through tree branches is not what most people move to the Coast to have. The actual views from properties flagged as having an ocean view vary widely from stunningly beautiful to “where is the ocean?” Give me a call at 541-961-6688 for an unbiased assessment of the actual view from any listed property.

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