Make Your Open House Payoff

You only get one chance to make an impression!

  1. Create curb appeal. Buyers will keep on driving if the house isn’t inviting enough to get them to stop. Mow the lawn, plant fresh flowers, tidy the yard, put kids’ toys in the garage and make sure the house paint is not peeling. Invite guests with a decorative doormat.
  2. Hire a professional cleaning service. Clean sells. Dirt makes buyers leave and go to the next open house.
  3. Fresh-baked cookies not only provide an inviting aroma, but allow buyers to stick around a bit and chat about the house. Provide a refreshing drink with your treats. Use disposable plates and cups; and don’t forget the napkins.
  4. Fresh flowers always brighten a room or add a bit of potpourri. Don’t overdo the scented potpourri or candles — too much of a good thing can be bad.
  5. Adding new shower curtains and/or bath towels makes bathrooms look fresh.
  6. Set your dining table with beautiful place settings like they do in model homes.
  7. Show off the countertop space by storing kitchen appliances and bathroom necessities out of sight.
  8. Light a fire if appropriate for the time of year.
  9. Put away family photos and other personal information. Don’t distract buyers from looking at your house.
  10. Real estate brokers can’t be everywhere in the house at once, so lock up any valuables, jewelry, money, or prescription drugs.
  11. Make sure the house is “light & bright.” All light fixtures should be on and window curtains or blinds open. Replace any burned out lightbulbs.
  12. Nothing is more annoying to a buyer than a pet rubbing up against their clothing or a dog barking at them. Ask a neighbor or friend to pet sit for you during the open house.
  13. Make buyers comfortable by not being there yourself. When you are house-hunting you like to be able to talk in private about the features of a prospective home. Give that to buyers. Allow them the freedom to express their opinions or concerns openly.

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Updated by Doretta Smith,